Open Source Learning System

By leveraging Drupal's content and video management capabilities, we offer a robust learning management system for video-based courses. This functionality can be effortlessly incorporated into diverse systems and customized to meet your unique requirements.


What features are available?

Video Courses

Video course management are designed for a structured course, which includes a collection of sections.

Enhanced Video Stream

The video stream is tailored to suit cloud providers, such as Ali OSS or AWS S3, and then integrated with a CDN to enhance the video playing experience.

Video Subscript

The video player is capable of accommodating personalized subscripts that users can upload independently.

Examnition Supported

Utilizing the form builder, this system supports examnation and automated score according to the settings.

Files Supported

By harnessing the capabilities of Drupal's file management, you can upload files to the course for download.

Progress Statistics

We incorporate a timer to track the user's learning progress, enabling us to generate comprehensive statistics on their overall learning outcomes.

Customizable UI

You can effortless to customize theme for your requirements, and easily add mobile support by our h5 builder.

Open Platform

Readily connect to third-party APIs and external data sources to integrate telemetry into your systems.

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