Open Source Web Builder Solution

Leveraging the power of Drupal CMS and grapesJS builder, we provide an exceptional visualization solution.
Our platform allows you to easily manage content and create stunning web pages, h5 pages and more.

Quick to Build, Easy to Mainten

Easy to build a new page, easy to mainten the webpages via page builder.

Component-oriented Development

Loose coupling, component-oriented, simplify and reusability.

Reusable Templates

Quickly start to build a new landing page from existing templates.


GrapesJS is not another page/HTML builder, which allows you to easily create a drag & drop enabled builder of "anythings", such as newsletters, mobile app, native desktop app, PDF and etc.


Powerful visualization, wysiwyg, drag-drop, rich-editor, inline-editing, slideshow, vidoes and audios, etc.

Assets management

We integrated GrapesJS's assets manager with Drupal media libray, so that we can use assets in builder and save them in CMS.


GrapesJS supports mobile and responsive layouts inside, which let you create responsive page easily.

Component Oriented

Components are designed for reusability, and for new features, just develop new components.

Customizable Builder Theme

GrapesJS builder can be customized to suit your requirements.


GrapesJS is an open source project in github, which has 1.8k watchers and more contribed documents.

Open Platform

GrapesJS is an open platform for your customizations, which can be used to webpage, newsletter, apps, and more.

CMS Integrated

We have integrated GrapesJS with Drupal, so that we can provide a robust solution for CMS.

Component Oriented Programming

Components are designed for reusability and decoupling, making development and maintenance a breeze. When it comes to adding new features, what you need is just developing new components.

Loose Coupling Reusability
Easy Developement Easy Maintenance
Component Library Page Templates
  • All
  • Basic
  • Slides
  • Image & Text
  • Dynamic Content
Banner Widget
Banner Widget
Slide Widget
Slide Widget
Gallery Widget
Gallery Widget
Content Widget
Dynamic Content
Dynamic Content
Content List
Content Widget
Dynamic Content
Calendar Widget
Map Widget
Video & Course
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Technical Diagram

Architecture & Data Flow

With our foundation built on Drupal CMS, we offer a comprehensive content management system that allows you to generate component-composed webpages. Moreover, our system seamlessly outputs APIs, enabling effortless integration with other systems.

Component-oriented Programming

By utilizing the Drupal API and GrapesJS components, all you need to do is build new components to align with your desired features, such as maps, search functionality, lists, and more. Furthermore, for commonly used components, they can be easily reused in the future.


Simplify the process of defining and implementing features for a new component by your own code that is not tied to any specific project or Drupal environment. The component will be discovered dyanmically and can be migrateed from dev to uat and prod easily.
For the web component, that is developed using standard Twig code, making it easily accessible for front-end engineers.

Building Anything, Output Any Code

GrapesJS is a multi-purpose, Web Builder Framework, which means it allows you to easily create a drag & drop enabled builder of "things". By "things" we mean anything with HTML-like structure, which entails much more than web pages. We use HTML-like structure basically everywhere: Newsletters (MJML), Native Mobile Applications (React Native), Native Desktop Applications (Vuido), PDFs (React PDF ), etc.

Powerful API, Connecting Everything

GrapesJS is designed for open architecture, which means it is easy to customize and easy to adapt your requirements.

We have integrated it with Drupal CMS, so that it is a best solution for your visualized CMS.

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