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This form is developed base on Drupal CMS, which provides excellent flexibility and customization options. It can be seamlessly integrated with your other applications, making it incredibly convenient to use.

Powerful forms

Business Scenarios

Effortlessly create professional business forms by dragging and dropping, with a plethora of field types to choose, customizable form styles, automatic data association, and the automatic generation of statistical reports.

easy to use

How to use ?

There exists a variety of essential templates, including academic evaluations, event invitations, registration forms, evaluative surveys, and others. These templates serve as the foundation upon which individuals can expeditiously construct a form.

01. Settings

Firstly, type the title, cover and description for your form.

02. Add questionnaire

Secondly, drag the questionnaires you need.

03. Publish and get results

Finaly, share your form page, and then check the result from admin panel.


The Highlights

This form is shipped with Drupal CMS, which is a open source platform, and so it is easy seamlessly integration with content, media, and other applications.


What are features in our solution?

Drupal Based

This form are implemented using Drupal's webform, which means it is open source, extendable, customizable and easy to manage.


This form is designed for the purpose of visualization, enabling users to effortlessly and straightforwardly create or manage forms.

Mobile Optimized

The form has been designed with a mobile-first approach, ensuring that the form and its elements are easily accessible on mobile devices and within the WeChat application.

Open Authentication

We enhance the user authentication of Drupal to enable it to seamlessly integrate with diverse authentication providers, such as OAuth, CAS, SSO or API mode.

Data Analysis

We offer robust data analysis capabilities for submissions, allowing administrators to effortlessly manage and export the results.

Approval Submission

The form manager has the authority to set the status of the submission, and subsequently inform the user of the approval or acceptance of their submission.


The administrator will receive a notification upon the arrival of new submissions, allowing them to promptly process or provide feedback to submission.

Open Platform

Based on open source Drupal, the system provides a diverse range of APIs for external systems, and be seamlessly integrated with 3rd-party system.


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